Annemarie Bloemen

Annemarie Bloemen

Data & Digital Services

Partner | Attorney-at-law

Annemarie Bloemen is the head of the Data & Digital Services team at De Roos with over 16 years of experience as a privacy attorney-at-law.  She offers her clients guidance on all aspects of privacy law, ranging from drafting consent statements to constructing complex privacy programs. Annemarie also provides practical and clear advice to businesses on privacy-related strategic decisions with the intention of creating privacy-by-design.

Besides her role as an attorney-at-law, Annemarie regularly lectures on matters concerning data privacy at the IIR (Chief Data Officer and Senior Privacy Professional courses) and as a guest lecturer at Utrecht University. Additionally, Annemarie is an esteemed CDPO (Certified Data Protection Officer) course examiner of the IIR.

Annemarie began her career at Houthoff, during which time she was sworn in as an attorney-at-law in 2004. Starting from 2006, Annemarie has chosen privacy law as her main focus and stayed working at Houthoff for nearly a decade. Subsequently, Annemarie held a place in Philips' Global Privacy Team, and, in October 2021, having worked as an independent privacy attorney-at-law for the past few years, Annemarie joined De Roos.

Practice areas:
Annemarie has registered privacy law as her legal practice area in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister), which requires one to obtain ten training credits annually in the registered legal practice area.


  • Dutch Association of Privacy Law (Vereniging Privacy Recht)
  • Dutch Association of Privacy Lawyers (Vereniging Privacy Recht Advocaten)
  • International Association of Privacy Professionals

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