Cornélie den Outer

Cornélie den Outer

Corporate Law

Partner | Attorney-at-law

Cornélie den Outer is a partner in the corporate law department of De Roos. Cornélie has expertise in funding rounds, mergers & acquisitions, governance, etc. She acts as a trusted advisor to frontrunners, growth companies, founders, and investors.

Cornélie holds a special interest in regenerative agriculture and sustainable food production, she thus provides guidance to businesses in these areas. She is the head of the De Roos sustainable food industry group and is on the fundraising team of Land van Ons. Prior to joining De Roos Advocaten in 2017, Cornélie had worked at Houthoff, where she gained experience being part of the corporate litigation team.

Cornélie holds an exceptional academic background, which includes a First Class Honours degree in European Politics from the University of Nottingham, the UK and the University of Lund, Sweden. She furthered her education with a bachelor's degree in Dutch Law and distinguished herself by obtaining a master's degree with honours in International Trade and Investment Law from the University of Amsterdam.

In 2019, Cornélie completed a prestigious Blikverruimers academy for supervisory boards, known as "Toezichthouder van morgen" (Supervisor of Tomorrow), demonstrating her commitment to professional growth and governance excellence. In 2021, she expanded her knowledge by successfully completing a managerial finance course at the esteemed London School of Economics.

Cornélie is a board member of Stichting Vive, a non-profit organisation providing scholarships for students in Burkina Faso and Mali. In 2016 – 2017, Cornélie was a board member for Stichting Justitia of the Amsterdam Bar Association and a volunteer for Lawyers for Lawyers.

Examples of Cornelie’s work:


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