Joni Uhlenbeck

Joni Uhlenbeck

Operations Team


Joni Uhlenbeck is the CEO of De Roos Advocaten. In her work she has adopted a participative management style, inspired by Ricardo Semler's principles of Transparency, Trust, and Self-Managing teams.

At De Roos Joni is in charge of the strategy, finance, HR, PR as well as a variety of other non-legal matters. Having graduated in Anthropology, she began her career as a researcher on urban themes and political participation. In 2009, following entrepreneurial interest, she initiated her first business - an online bicycle service in Dublin, Ireland. Having returned to the Netherlands in 2011, Joni set up a social enterprise selling gift cards for the services of freelancers to promote local entrepreneurship. Since 2015 Joni has been working at De Roos.

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