Milad Feroegh

Milad Feroegh

Corporate Law


Milad Feroegh is a corporate law attorney. Milad started his career in 2017 at Loyens & Loeff where he gained experience in the investment management and litigation sections.

In late 2020 Milad joined De Roos, where he focusses on investment rounds and buyouts. Milad also advises managers (GPs) and investors (LPs) within the private equity and venture capital investment funds landscape on fund structuring, fund reviews and numerous other fund related topics.

Milad studied in Utrecht and Amsterdam, and in 2022 he completed the M&A specialisation course at the VU Law Academy. Milad is also a board member of Stichting Meneer Monster and Stichting Freaky Dancing, both active within the cultural sector.

Notable examples of Milad’s work:

  • Chrysalix: structuring of its first European venture capital investment fund and Series A investment in C2CA Technologies
  • SignRequest: acquisition by Box
  • Dag en Nacht Media: acquisition by Podimo
  • ShipTimized: merger with SMS Global
  • Outflank: acquisition by Fortra
  • Oedipus: acquisition by Heineken
  • Bringly: investment round
Practice areas:
Milad has registered corporate law as his legal practice area in the Netherlands Bar’s register of legal practice areas (rechtsgebiedenregister), which requires one to obtain ten training credits annually in the registered legal practice area, in accordance with the standards set by the Netherlands Bar.

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