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Navigating the legal terrain of AI: a guide for in-house legal teams

AI is transforming industries at a breakneck speed. At the same time it’s a challenge for in-house legal teams in the EU to keep up, or to even decide what to keep up with. When and how should legal teams be involved in the AI initiatives of their businesses? This guide is made for in-house legal teams with such questions.

Corporate Law


Steward-ownership: the key to sustainable success

Real success goes beyond mere short-term gains or planning for an exit. Steward-ownership is the ownership model that fosters long term value creation, making it ideal for those who want to create a lasting impact. Steward-ownership promotes governance by those other than the equity providers and profits driven by a mission, resonating with those who value sustainability and meaningful business operations.

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Unlocking legal tech for fast-growing challengers: key insights for legal teams

This six-step guide summarizes the event's key insights and aims to equip you with the knowledge to make the right decisions when it comes to deciding on legal tech.

Tax Law


Bridging philanthropy and finance: An ANBI's guide to impact investing following the new policy

In this period of transitions, philanthropy is increasingly needed to meet the challenges of our time. A new policy, introduced on April 3rd, 2024, may mark the start of a new focus for Public Benefit Organizations, known in the Netherlands as ANBIs. The policy clarifies the conditions under which ANBIs can engage in "impact investment," providing guidance for ANBIs seeking to invest. This guide is designed to assist you in navigating the policy.

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Navigating the shades of green: a strategic guide for authentic sustainability communication

This guide is designed to navigate the challenges of greenwashing and greenhushing. We have successfully litigated against greenwashing in several high-profile cases, including those involving Primark, Shell, and Arla. These cases provide valuable insights into sustainable communication, which we use to advise our clients on effective sustainability messaging. We'll cover frequently asked questions and share key lessons from these cases, helping you to make genuine sustainability claims with confidence.

Financial Regulatory


MiCA licensing simplified: a 5-step guide for crypto asset services

Your company, operating in the crypto space, is entering a new regulatory era as of 30 December 2024, with the enforcement of the MiCAR. In this 5-step guide, we'll walk you through the nuances of this transition, pointing out key considerations and potential challenges, while offering practical tips and insights to streamline the process.

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Unlock the power of a well-structured cap table: 5 best practices

This article delves into the importance of maintaining a well-organized cap table. By being selective in who you include and by deploying alternative instruments you can effectively manage your cap table. We'll guide you through five best practices to ensure your cap table is a sturdy foundation rather than a source of complications.

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Navigating the Digital Service Act: an 8-step compliance guide

We built an eight-step guide to assist you with assessing if you fall under the DSA, assessing the obligations applicable to you and assisting you with the preparation where necessary.

IP & Advertising


Securing your business secrets: a 5-step guide

It’s the fear of many companies: the fruit of your labour ending up in the hands of a competitor. The protection of know-how, intellectual property and commercially sensitive information is vital for success. We explain how to effectively protect these assets under Dutch law in 5 essential steps.

Employment Law


Reorganizing in NL: a 5-step guide

It's the fear of many founders: after a growth phase funding dries up, and due to economically uncertain times a new capital injection is absent. One way to save costs is by downsizing your workforce. A reorganisation. We explain in five steps how this works in the Netherlands.

Corporate Law


Attracting and retaining key talent

Entrepreneurs know how vital it is to attract and retain key talent. They also know: it’s not easy. Key talent doesn’t settle for a ‘simple’ salary. Our clients are growth companies, looking for employees who feel like co-entrepreneurs. In this thought, we give an overview of five legal structures for entrepreneurs to attract and retain key talent in the Netherlands.

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